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Workforce Data

As of August 2013, the unemployment rate in TN was 8.5 percent, compared with 6.8 percent in Blount County, 7.0 percent in Knox County, 7.1 percent in the Knoxville region, and 7.5 percent in Loudon County.

Workforce Development Initiatives

Through partnerships and programs that support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education, Educators in the Workplace, and Career and Technical Education, leaders in the region are helping ensure the connection between educational, business, scientific and research institutions and organizations remains strong.

Educational Training

The region is home to top-notch educational institutions:

  • The flagship campus of the State is the University of Tennessee
  • Thirteen additional 4-year institutions
  • Five 2-year and community colleges
  • Five "Colleges of Applied Technology"

Technology and Talent

Research and development centers in the region offer technology opportunities in the fields of homeland security, nanotechnology, life sciences, materials sciences, computational sciences, energy and environment. The research and development centers include:

Additionally, the University of Tennessee has earned classification as a research university with very high research activity (RU/VH) by the Carnegie Commission. Areas of joint research with Oak Ridge National Laboratory include the Bioenergy Science Center’s work on cellulosic ethanol; the Center for Computational Sciences partnership with the National Science Foundation; and the Science Alliance, with divisions in biological, chemical, physical, and mathematical/computer science.