Tellico Corporate Peninsula

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An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was conducted in June 2000 for the site. The site is not subject to county zoning laws. The area is located near two upscale residential communities. The scenic beauty of the site is one of its main attractions.

  • Tellico Reservoir’s normal pool elevation is 813 feet and 100-year flood elevation is 817 feet.
  • Site elevations vary from 820 to 1040 mean sea level (msl).
  • Soils of the northwestern 70 percent are loams, silt loams, and silty clay loams over Knox dolomite limestone. Rock is at five to 25+ feet. Soils of the southeastern 30 percent are loams, silt loams, and silty clay loams over the Conasauga shale. Rock is from two to 20+ feet. Groundwater normally runs near the top of rock and is influenced by lake elevations. No soil tests are available but extensive development has proceeded without problems in similar formations 2-3 miles southwest.
  • Seismic rating 2 (American Standard map).
  • No known contamination at the site.
  • Identified state and federally listed threatened or endangered species in the Tellico Reservoir.
  • No known historical sites. A survey is recommended for any project. Such conditions have not prevented development of adjacent properties or designation of this tract for industrial use.
  • The only sensitive wetlands, approximately 5-10 acres, are on the waterside. Loudon County is classified "Nonattainment" for PM 2.5 air quality standards;
  • The nearest PSD Class I area is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park 44 miles east of the site.