Tellico Corporate Peninsula

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Tellico Corporate Peninsula – The Right Choice

Why Tellico Corporate Peninsula?

Tellico Corporate Peninsula offers outstanding business advantages, including excellent transportation and technology infrastructure, effective site development assistance, and attractive business tax incentives.

What types of companies would be the best fit for this corporate megasite?

Companies such as high-tech, clean energy, research and development or corporate headquarters are just some of the examples of companies that would have a low environmental impact and benefit from the area’s resources. The land can be developed to include a golf course or other recreational on-site amenities for a variety of corporate retreat and training needs.

Are there tax incentives available?

Yes. The State of Tennessee offers eight different business tax credits, including the Jobs Tax Credit, the Headquarters Tax Credit, and the Data Center Tax Credit. A full list can be found here.

Can any type of company qualify for the incentives?

No. Tennessee’s incentives are limited to the following types of companies:

  • Headquarters – Administrative, research and development, planning, marketing, personnel, legal, but not manufacturing, distribution, wholesaling or call centers
  • Manufacturing – Principal business is fabricating or processing of tangible property for resale
  • Data Centers – Building or buildings, either newly constructed or remodeled, housing high-tech computer systems and related equipment
  • Warehousing and Distribution – Storage or distribution of finished tangible personal property. Does not include a location where tangible personal property is processed, manufactured, sold to customers or assembled
  • Call Centers – Uses telecommunications in customer service, soliciting sales, reactivating accounts, surveys or research, fundraising, collecting receivables, reservations, taking or receiving orders

Is this site available to foreign-owned companies?

Yes. Tennessee is home to 734 foreign-owned subsidiaries representing 36 countries and investments of over $21.4 billion. Tennessee’s top foreign investor is Japan, followed by Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This site makes an attractive fit for a foreign-based company.